A Field of Sunflowers

As summer fades away into fall, I just had to reminisce on one of my favorite moments of 2012.
Sometime in July, Kevin and I were heading down the highway, on our way to Maryland’s Eastern Shore.  Suddenly, we came upon something I’ve always wanted to see:

Now, I don’t know about you, but a giant field of sunflowers just makes me smile!


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4 thoughts on “A Field of Sunflowers

  1. My friend is heading to the beach this week and she wanted to find a field of sunflowers. She came across your blog but couldn’t determine where y’all found this location.

    I was wondering if you could let us know where you were able to snap these pictures.

    Sorry for the necro-bump 😛

    • Hi, it’s been a while since we’ve made the trip but we usually head down 213 from Elkton area towards Chestertown, Maryland. To find it on a map, for a while this road runs fairly close to the state line of Delaware and Maryland on the Maryland side. It goes a little further west towards the Chesapeake Bay after Chesapeake City. When you come to the town of Galena, you make a right to stay on 213. We believe the sunflowers were somewhere between Galena and Kennedyville, but it has been awhile. The only other possibility is sometimes, instead of taking 213 all the way down to Chestertown, we did not take the right in Galena & took Chesterville rd down to River rd into Chestertown. I’m sorry it’s not more precise- it’s been over a year or so since we’ve seen them, but when we go down again this summer I’ll update! Good luck to your friend, I hope she finds some beautiful sunflowers. No worries about a necro bump- I love a comment anytime 🙂

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