Interspecies Love- Daddy Goose and Momma Duck

father and mother goose and duck babies

father goose and mother duck with babies

As I sat at my computer fiddling with the photos for this post, I heard a familiar “quack” from outside the back door, which was open and close to our pond.  I leapt up, almost not believing it to be true.  See, the other day my husband had called me outside, excitedly pointing out the mother duck with her little babies and the father goose who was taking care of them.  I don’t know how this unusual couple got together.  Maybe something happened to father duck and the goose didn’t want to leave a single lady alone with a bunch of kids.  Maybe he couldn’t find a goose mate.  Maybe they’re in love.  All I know is, it warms my heart.

goose with duck babies

goose with duck babies

I ran inside to grab my camera that day, but didn’t feel I’d gotten many good photos before they swam away.  Which was why I was so delighted to hear that quack and realize they were outside my door just as I started to write about them. Of course, I grabbed my camera.

father goose protects a mother duck and her babies

father goose protecting mother duck and her babies

on patrol

on patrol

father goose chasing off the other geese

chasing off the other geese

Father goose has certainly stepped into his role with gusto and seriousness.  He patrols the pond around mother and her babies, lowering his head and hissing at anyone who doesn’t dare back off.  While I still find photographing moving birds on a reflective pond a bit tricky (and would love a telephoto lens!) I did manage to capture some images to share before Dada goose with all his hissing convinced me I had overstayed my welcome.

I have developed quite an admiration and respect for this kindhearted goose.  I look forward to watching him and his mama duck raise their little babies together.

proud Poppa!

proud Poppa!

duck babies!

duck babies!

more babies

more babies

This is just one of the many perks I’ve discovered living by our pond, which I’ve really come to love.  I feel so lucky to just look out my window and see birds gliding past.   It almost makes this generic apartment feel like a cozy little cottage by the water.

duck babies are so cute!

home sweet home

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