DIY Bird Mobile for Baby Room

bird mobile

bird mobile

We’ve been trying to cut down on the amount of plastic that goes into the baby room.  I’m going for natural as much as possible, as well  a feeling of magical forest- woodland animals, trees, nature, fairies, with just a hint of enchantment…  It’s a work in progress.  All the mobiles in the store were plastic and not so pretty.  I googled DIY mobile just out of curiosity and came across these adorable bird mobiles by Laura at Spool Sewing.  She has a downloadable pattern for the fabric birds there.  I used her pattern but made my bird a little smaller with a wider tail. (If you make the bird smaller and don’t widen the tail, it’s kind of hard to turn inside out after you sew it.)

fabric bird watching over baby

fabric bird watching over baby

The white balls are a smaller version of these tissue paper pom poms– maybe four inches across with rounded edges.  They hang from the branch by string.  The branch was the easiest find of all.  I was going to look for a tree branch laying around outside, but it was a cold and rainy day and then I realized that we were about to recycle our Christmas tree.  Perfect way to re-use part of it and keep some of that Christmas magic year round!  The branch is super light, as are the paper balls and the bird, so all in all the mobile is pretty lightweight.  Sometimes I add some pink crystals and ribbons to make it more girly and for good energy.

Eyelet screws drilled into the tops of the branches allow the mobile to be hung from the ceiling with ribbon.  (We put a bigger eyelet screw into the stud under the drywall on the ceiling and hung the ribbon from that.)

view from below

baby’s view from below

And the view when we turn on the planetarium for her at night…

baby's view at night under the tree branches with the stars showing above

baby’s view at night under the tree branches with the stars showing above

Unlike a plastic baby mobile that has no function once the baby is older, I think this may stay- just moved to a corner or something.  It was fun to make and quick and I really like what it adds to the room!

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