The Great Blue Heron Rescue

great blue heron on our pond

great blue heron on our pond shortly before going to the bird rescue

On his morning walk with the dog my husband found a heron with a broken wing by our pond.  I looked outside, saw it, and hastily snapped a photo, as we had more important things to be doing, like actually helping the bird.  We quickly researched our strategy- put it in a dark cardboard box with a towel on the bottom and holes for ventilation, keep it warm, and bring it to a rehabilitation center as soon as possible.  I hadn’t expected another trip to Tri-State Bird Rescue so soon, but it looked as if I would be going back.  The only catch? Herons use their long sharp beaks for stabbing their food.  If they’re terrified they may try to stab you.  Or that’s what we gleaned from the internet.   So my husband put on his waders, hefty gloves, and grabbed a thick wool blanket.

We tried to remain quiet and calm so as not to scare the bird too much.  The bird fell face first into the water and swam to the center of the pond and I thought our attempt at rescue might be over, but thankfully, it then decided to go to shore.  Once on land it stumbled and fell to the ground not really able to get up.  My husband quickly came up behind it and covered it with the blanket.  It immediately stopped struggling and offered no resistance at all.

I drove it over the the bird rescue.  After they removed it from the box, the lady informed me, “It’s a great blue heron.” I asked what it’s chances of survival were.  She said it depended on the severity of the injury to it’s wing, but that our heron seemed to have some flap left.  I do hope that the heron makes it!  Thank goodness for Tri-State Bird Rescue.

mamma duck and her growing babies

mamma duck and her growing babies

And for more news from the pond…  A quick update on Momma Duck and her babies.  We see them around the pond a lot nowadays, hanging out with the geese.  Father Goose seems to have moved on, so maybe his time as duck protector is done, but that’s okay as all 9 babies are still around.  And they have grown fast.  Hooray for the single momma!  A job well, done.  I’m thinking she deserves a nice break and the duck equivalent of a spa day (whatever that may be.)  Three of the geese families also have babies, so it is quite a nursery out there.

isn't she beautiful? proud mommy.

isn’t she beautiful? proud mommy.

BTW- see how blue the water is in the first picture?  That’s all the copper sulfate they recently put in the pond.  They do this frequently in the summer. Sometimes the fountain runs blue.  It’s hard to watch the ducks and geese swim in that.  I wish the pond was healthier for the birds, the fish and the turtles!

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